Wednesday, May 27, 2009

YCL BC Summer Camp 2009

Come out and have fun with YCLers from B.C. Learn a little about Communism while you chill out on the sunshine coast!

Open to YCLers and friends from BC, and Alberta too!

Registration is $20 which includes food for the weekend. Rides are available from Vancouver and travel subsidies are available for those coming from outside of the lower mainland. Registration can be paid to the YCL BC office (706 Clark Dr., Vancouver, BC, V5L 3J1) via cheque or money order OR paid directly to any YCL organizer.

A brochure and registration form will be available shortly.

You have to provide the following info to register:
Phone #
If you are a member of YCL (yes or no)
If yes, what Club?
Do you have a tent you canl bring?
If yes, can you share the tent?
If so, how manypeople can you share it with?
Do you have any special dietary requirements

- Is socialism dead? The counter-revolution in the USSR and Eastern Europe
- Socialism or extinction. What is socialism and why is it relevant today?
– The global capitalist crisis and the fight back
– Latin America: At the center of the world revolutionary process

Check out the Summer Camp Facebook event or contact us at for details or to register!

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