Sunday, May 24, 2009

CEC Letter to YCL BC - May 24th

May 24, 2009

Re: May 12 British Columbia Election

Dear comrades,

As you have no doubt heard by now, the British Columbia Provincial election on May 12 returned the Campbell Liberal government to office.

The Central Executive Committee would like to draw your attention to the recent statement of the YCL BC, “After the election the fight back continues” which is attached and posted online on the YCL-LJC web site ( We fully support their evaluation that this is a very dangerous political development for the youth and student movement demanding a united response by the young people.

This election the YCL BC waged a valiant campaign in support of the Communist Party of British Columbia, the only party demanding a substantive youth agenda including raising minimum wage above the poverty line to $16/h, the elimination of tuition fees, sovereignty and self-determination for Aboriginal peoples, lowering the voting age to 16, and to make BC a voice for peace.

We would like to thank all the comrades who helped with the election, including the Red Star (Vancouver) YCL club, our new Kamloops organizer Kevin Pankewich for formatting a youth leaflet, and Zachary Crispin for running as a candidate of the Communist Party and wining almost 200 votes and 17% of the student vote!

Out of the process of organizing for the election, we are happy to announce that the YCL BC has established a BC Preparatory Committee which the CEC has tasked with organizing a BC provincial convention as well as building and leading the YCL in the interim period leading up to the Convention. We are writing all contacts and members of the League with this information.

The Preparatory Committee consists of three members from Vancouver, one from Victoria and one from Kamloops. A seat is open for Nanaimo. Correspondence with the committee is welcome and encouraged: please write them at

The YCL BC is organizing a summer camp in Sechelt, on the weekend of July 31 – August 3. A brochure on this school will be forwarded soon. It will be a great event! In the process of organizing, expanding and strengthening the League in BC, the General Secretary of the YCL, Johan Boyden, has been reassigned by the YCL from Toronto to Vancouver to work with the new committee until the Summer Camp. He will be touring the province and meeting with activists, contacts, Clubs, and any youth and students interested in the fight for socialism!

Warm comradely regards,

Central Executive Committee

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