Wednesday, May 27, 2009

YCL BC Summer Camp 2009

Come out and have fun with YCLers from B.C. Learn a little about Communism while you chill out on the sunshine coast!

Open to YCLers and friends from BC, and Alberta too!

Registration is $20 which includes food for the weekend. Rides are available from Vancouver and travel subsidies are available for those coming from outside of the lower mainland. Registration can be paid to the YCL BC office (706 Clark Dr., Vancouver, BC, V5L 3J1) via cheque or money order OR paid directly to any YCL organizer.

A brochure and registration form will be available shortly.

You have to provide the following info to register:
Phone #
If you are a member of YCL (yes or no)
If yes, what Club?
Do you have a tent you canl bring?
If yes, can you share the tent?
If so, how manypeople can you share it with?
Do you have any special dietary requirements

- Is socialism dead? The counter-revolution in the USSR and Eastern Europe
- Socialism or extinction. What is socialism and why is it relevant today?
– The global capitalist crisis and the fight back
– Latin America: At the center of the world revolutionary process

Check out the Summer Camp Facebook event or contact us at for details or to register!

Greeting on the Occasion of the 88th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Canada

Central Committee, Communist Party of Canada
290A Danforth Ave.
Toronto, Ont
M4K 1N6

May 28, 2009

RE: Greeting on the Occasion of the 88th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Canada

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Young Communist League of Canada, we would like to extend our warmest comradely greetings, congratulations and solidarity on the occasion of the 88th anniversary of the Communist Party of Canada.

Throughout the history of the Communist movement in Canada, the relationship between the Communist Party and the Young Communist League, including its various predecessors, has taken on a variety of forms. But this relationship has always been characterized by a strong sense of unity of purpose and ideology, solidarity and friendship.

On this day we are reminded that many of those comrades formed our beloved party so many years ago in a barn near Guelph, Ontario, were young workers inspired by the triumph of the Russian workers and peasants revolution and the establishment of the Soviet Union in 1917.

Throughout history ever since young people have played an important role in each of the most significant struggles taken on by the Communist Party. Some examples include the famous On-to-Ottawa Trek, the heroic Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion, solidarity with the struggles of the Vietnamese people, and the fightback against the NAFTA sellout.

Today the Young Communist League continues to stand with the Communist Party in our struggles for peace, jobs, education, democratic rights, Canadian sovereignty, a democratic solution to the national question, and, of course, socialism.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen the relationship between our two organizations and working collectively to build a strong, united pan-Canadian Communist movement.

In solidarity,

Central Executive Committee, Young Communist League of Canada

Sunday, May 24, 2009

CEC Letter to YCL BC - May 24th

May 24, 2009

Re: May 12 British Columbia Election

Dear comrades,

As you have no doubt heard by now, the British Columbia Provincial election on May 12 returned the Campbell Liberal government to office.

The Central Executive Committee would like to draw your attention to the recent statement of the YCL BC, “After the election the fight back continues” which is attached and posted online on the YCL-LJC web site ( We fully support their evaluation that this is a very dangerous political development for the youth and student movement demanding a united response by the young people.

This election the YCL BC waged a valiant campaign in support of the Communist Party of British Columbia, the only party demanding a substantive youth agenda including raising minimum wage above the poverty line to $16/h, the elimination of tuition fees, sovereignty and self-determination for Aboriginal peoples, lowering the voting age to 16, and to make BC a voice for peace.

We would like to thank all the comrades who helped with the election, including the Red Star (Vancouver) YCL club, our new Kamloops organizer Kevin Pankewich for formatting a youth leaflet, and Zachary Crispin for running as a candidate of the Communist Party and wining almost 200 votes and 17% of the student vote!

Out of the process of organizing for the election, we are happy to announce that the YCL BC has established a BC Preparatory Committee which the CEC has tasked with organizing a BC provincial convention as well as building and leading the YCL in the interim period leading up to the Convention. We are writing all contacts and members of the League with this information.

The Preparatory Committee consists of three members from Vancouver, one from Victoria and one from Kamloops. A seat is open for Nanaimo. Correspondence with the committee is welcome and encouraged: please write them at

The YCL BC is organizing a summer camp in Sechelt, on the weekend of July 31 – August 3. A brochure on this school will be forwarded soon. It will be a great event! In the process of organizing, expanding and strengthening the League in BC, the General Secretary of the YCL, Johan Boyden, has been reassigned by the YCL from Toronto to Vancouver to work with the new committee until the Summer Camp. He will be touring the province and meeting with activists, contacts, Clubs, and any youth and students interested in the fight for socialism!

Warm comradely regards,

Central Executive Committee

Upcoming Vancouver-area events

The following is a list of upcoming events and activities being organized or participated in by the YCL in the Vancouver area. We hope that you will join us in some of these important activities.

May 22nd (TOMORROW): 6pm - Gather at Centre for Socialist Education (CSE),706 Clark Dr., for pizza followed by postering for upcoming events. These activities will be followed up by attending a concert at the Cobalt starting around 9pm. Performers will include local political punks The Rebel Spell and, from Ontario, Broadcast Zero. The event is also a book launch for local author Chris Walter.

May 23rd: 5:30pm - Red Star Club meeting at CSE to discuss our plan of action for the summer. This will be followed by a Left Film Night at 7pm featuring "Hidden in Plain Sight" - a film about the School of the America's and Il Postino. For details about the films, visit

May 28th: 8:30pm - Celebration of the 88th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Canada at the CSE. Drinks, snacks, music.

May 31st: 9am - Red Star Club book sale fund raiser. Volunteers needed to help run the sale. Also, come check out the wide array of books for sale including rare, out of print and foreign books on a variety of topics including history, politics, theory and philosophy. Held at the CSE till approximately 12pm.

May 31st: 7pm - Left Film Night at CSE featuring the Sergei Eisenstein classic "Strike!". A must see.

George Gidora: Communists stand for radical socialist change in B.C.

George Gidora: Communists stand for radical socialist change in B.C.

As the provincial election enters the home stretch, British Columbians need to understand this campaign in the context of the terrifying global assault on living standards, social programs, and democratic freedoms.



Young Communist League (British Columbia)

May 13, 2009

The re-election of the Campbell Liberals is very dangerous news – for youth, students, the working class and the people of British Columbia. Can we wait four more years for another election to fight back? Can we rely on defensive struggles? No! The only effective response is for the youth to stand together with labour and the people’s movements and go on a serious offensive for jobs, accessible education, the environment, rights and services!

Were it for the students, there would be an anti-Liberal majority in the Legislature today composed of 44 NDPers and 10 Greens. Student Vote also gave the Communist Party a significant percentage – 17% in Kootenay West, 3% in Surrey Newton, and 4% in Vancouver Mount-Pleasant. Young people want new ideas and a new direction. The challenge of youth and student activists is to turn that sentiment into powerful united action.

The election results also marked an increase in both the NDP and Communist Party’s popularity. While an anti-Liberal majority is not in Victoria, the majority of voters cast their ballots against the Liberals. Condemning the voters as ‘stupid’ blames the victim and misses that point. The complete bankruptcy of the Campbell Liberal’s policies was temporarily obscured by a false economic boom of the scandalous Olympics. On the other hand, voters were faced with tepid alternatives from the NDP. Voter turnout was at a record low.

The second attempt to win the support of British Columbians for the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system went down in flames. The YCL renews its demand for a Mixed Member Proportional voting system, much more closely reflecting the people’s choice than the current, un-democratic, “First Past the Post” system.

Some are already beginning to talk about what needs to be done next election to defeat the Liberals, but the real question is: what happens in the meantime? With the Liberals at the steering wheel, the corporations will try to leave our generation and the working class holding the bag for a worsening economic crisis – which we didn’t make.

If young people needed another reason to mobilize and resist, just look at the Liberal’s disastrous record. The energy and creativity of all the youth and students can contribute tremendously to expanding existing campaigns for higher minimum wages, accessible education, child care, peace, ecological sustainability, democracy and sovereignty, including that of aboriginal peoples.

The Young Communist League calls upon youth to join with labour and the people of British Columbia in a militant, united fight back to stop and reverse the agenda of the Campbell Liberals and win a better BC, and a better world. For us, that means socialism!

It’s our future, and our fight!

YCL BC May eBulletin

A hosted version of the May eBulletin is available at this link.