Saturday, October 30, 2010

November eBulletin

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

YCL Vancouver Upcoming Events!

1. World Festival of Youth & Students Fundraiser
2. Communism 101 Educational
3. Historical Materialism Discussion pt. 3
4. Left Film Night: Occupation 101
5. October Revolution Banquet
6. World Peace Forum Teach-In

1. World Festival of Youth & Students Fundraiser

The Vancouver & District Labour Council Young Workers Committee is hosting a fundraiser this Wednesday, October 13th, at 9pm. All money raised will go to help send young workers to the 17th World Festival of Youth & Students this December in South Africa. The YCL supports all efforts to organize and fundraise for the festival and encourages everyone to check out this event.

Tickets are $10 and include VIP entry and a free drink. DJ's will be providing entertainment throughout the night. The event will be held at The Cellar in downtown Vancouver.

Check out the Facebook event here:!/event.php?eid=117473434977919
Learn more about the Festival here:

2. Communism 101 Educational

On September 17th we will be hosting an introductory educational on communism at our office in the Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Dr. All YCL members are strongly encouraged to attend and all those who are interested in learning more and warmly invited to join us. The educational will begin at 6pm.

3. Historical Materialism Discussion pt. 3

Part three of our study groups on historical materialism will be October 26th at 7pm at the Centre for Socialist Education (706 Clark Dr.). If you couldn't make it to part one, fear not, you can still join us for part three and get caught up. Reading material will be Historical Materialism by Maurice Cornforth.

Read Historical Materialism for free online:

4. Left Film Night: Occupation 101

"OCCUPATION 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority"

Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, 7 pm
Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Drive, Vancouver
...Donations will be accepted for the Canadian Boat for Gaza

Directed by Abdallah Omeish and Sufyan Omeish, 2006, 90 minutes

Occupation 101 is a powerful documentary on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts surrounding the issues, and dispels many long-perceived myths and misconceptions. Occupation 101 also details life under Israeli military rule, the role of the United States, and the major obstacles that stand in the way of a lasting and viable peace. The roots of the conflict are examined by leading Middle East scholars, peace activists, journalists, religious leaders and humanitarian workers whose voices have often been suppressed in North American media outlets. The film covers a wide range of topics - the first wave of Jewish immigration from Europe in the 1880’s, the 1920 tensions, the 1948 war, the 1967 war, the first Intifada of 1987, the Oslo Peace Process, Settlement expansion, the second Intifada of 2000, the separation barrier and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza - as well as heart-wrenching testimonials from victims of this tragedy.

COLLECTION FOR THE CANADIAN BOAT FOR GAZA! At the conclusion of the film, donations will be accepted for the Canadian Boat for Gaza project. This cross-Canada campaign aims to raise $300,000 to send a Canadian boat as part of the next international flotilla to break the Israeli siege of Gaza. For more information, visit

No charge for admission; donations welcome. Coffee and refreshments available. Left Film Nights are presented by the Centre for Socialist Education, Young Communist League, and the Vancouver East and Montivero Clubs of the Communist Party of Canada. Call 604-255-2041 or email for further information.

5. October Revolution Banquet

The annual October Revolution Banquet will be held this year on Saturday, November 13th, at the Peretz Centre (6184 Ash St.) in Vancouver. The event will be a celebration of the struggle against fascism and war.

Features will include guest speaker Roger Keeran, Professor of Labour Studies at Empire State College in New York and co-author of the book "Socialism Betrayed". There will also be an international buffet, audio-video presentation, live music, door prizes, and book displays.

Doors at 6pm, dinner at 7pm. Call 604.254.9836 for information or e-mail

6. World Peace Forum Teach In

This years World Peace Forum teach in will be held at Langara College on November 11, 13, and 14.It will focus on the decade and a half between the end of World War Two and the 1960's. The YCL encourages participation in this event and will be participating in the teach in. The following is from the teach in website:

The ‘Fifties’
Reconstruction vs Revolution
and the First “War on Terror”
November 11, 13, 14
Langara College

The decade and a half between the end of World War II and the 1960’s is full of lessons that resonate strongly in the world we live in today. While it is regarded by some as a period of grey and repressive reaction, where any nails that stood out were hammered down, it was far from that. Revolutions rocked the colonial world and shook the old order from China to Algeria, Egypt to Cuba. Cultural rebellions–rock and roll, folk music and the beat generation; feminism and the beginning of the ecology movement- changed what we read thought and heard. The ‘Quiet Revolution’ transformed Quebec and Canada. From the first cracks in the ‘socialist’ world to the unprecedented boom in the capitalist, the fifties was a time rich in struggles that shape the world we live in. Both the victories and defeats of movements against war and oppression and for a socially just and sustainable world have much to teach us. That is exactly what the World Peace Forum is planning. The third Teach-In will be held on Nov. 11 and 13 and 14 at Langara College. Details will be available in September. Keep your eye on or get on our mailing list by contacting us at

Sunday, October 3, 2010

YCL Vancouver meeting

Hi everyone,

We will have a meeting of the YCL Vancouver Club on Friday, October 8th, at 7pm. It will be held at our office in the Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Dr. The meeting is open to all members of the YCL and those interested in finding out more/getting involved.

Draft Agenda
Roll call
Previous minutes

Old Business
- World Festival of Youth & Students
- Central Convention
- Club elections

Standing Items
- Student movement (including high school and campus work)
- Peace & international solidarity
- Young workers movement
- Rebel Youth
- Culture & Agit-Prop

New Business


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Friday, October 1, 2010

YCL BC eBulletin - October 2010

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