Sunday, May 24, 2009

Upcoming Vancouver-area events

The following is a list of upcoming events and activities being organized or participated in by the YCL in the Vancouver area. We hope that you will join us in some of these important activities.

May 22nd (TOMORROW): 6pm - Gather at Centre for Socialist Education (CSE),706 Clark Dr., for pizza followed by postering for upcoming events. These activities will be followed up by attending a concert at the Cobalt starting around 9pm. Performers will include local political punks The Rebel Spell and, from Ontario, Broadcast Zero. The event is also a book launch for local author Chris Walter.

May 23rd: 5:30pm - Red Star Club meeting at CSE to discuss our plan of action for the summer. This will be followed by a Left Film Night at 7pm featuring "Hidden in Plain Sight" - a film about the School of the America's and Il Postino. For details about the films, visit

May 28th: 8:30pm - Celebration of the 88th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Canada at the CSE. Drinks, snacks, music.

May 31st: 9am - Red Star Club book sale fund raiser. Volunteers needed to help run the sale. Also, come check out the wide array of books for sale including rare, out of print and foreign books on a variety of topics including history, politics, theory and philosophy. Held at the CSE till approximately 12pm.

May 31st: 7pm - Left Film Night at CSE featuring the Sergei Eisenstein classic "Strike!". A must see.

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