Monday, November 9, 2009

Vancouver Event Reminders/Updates

1. Silkscreening Party 2

Since we unfortunately had to postpone our silkscreening party this weekend we will be holding in November instead on the 14th starting at 11:00am. We are currently working on a simple, but attractive design for some flags which we will be silkscreening. These will be a great way to make the YCL visible at rallies in the future. This is our first trial run with silkscreening but we plan to do many bigger and better things, like t-shirts, once we get practiced up. Come join us, it will be a lot of fun. Wear expendable clothes as we will be dealing with ink and other materials which could stain fabric.

NOTE: The time of this event was previously 1:30pm. It is now 11:00am.

2. Take Action to Defend Women's Right to Chose!

The YCL, along with members of the Communist Party, will be taking action in defense of women's right to reproductive choice on November 13th at noon. A group of YCLers and friends dressed in medieval/feudal garb will gather at Commercial & Broadway along side the group of anti-choice demonstrators who inhabit the corner each Friday afternoon. We will be drawing attention to the absurdity of the archaic, anti-women ideas they espouse but also to the danger they pose to womens rights. It won't be the first time we have taken these people on, but the creative twist of the event is sure to get some attention. Some will be just holding signs and leafleting, so feel free to join us even if you don't have a costume.

3. YCL Study Group - Dialectical Materialism Pt. 2

This month we will complete our discussion of Dialectical Materialism, led by Paul Bjarnason of the BC Committee of the Communist Party. It will be Wednesday, November 18th, 7pm at the Centre for Socialist Education (706 Clark Dr.)

Suggested reading: Materialism and the Dialectical Method by Maurice Cornforth. If you would like a .PDF copy of this material, please e-mail

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