Saturday, August 22, 2009

YCL BC Summer Camp a Big Hit

The Sunshine Coast was a little more Red than usual this BC Day long weekend as the Young Communist League (YCL) held their annual Summer Camp in Sechelt.

Over 20 youth from across the province attended the camp this year where they learned, discussed, and had fun. It was the largest event of its kind held since the YCL began to re-organize in BC over five years ago.

“It can be hard to get young people out to a four day long event,” said YCL BC Organizer Stephen Von Sychowski. “I think the growth can be attributed to the increase in size and activity of the League in BC as well as to the radicalization of youth in the face of war, student debt and the capitalist economic crisis. Capitalism is again producing its own gravediggers.”

At least years Summer Camp, Trail was the newest addition to the list of YCL Clubs being built up across Canada. This year it was Kamloops. Both Clubs sent delegations to this years Summer Camp.

Under the scorching hot sun the attendees studied a variety of topics including the economic crisis and the fightback, the environmental crisis, what socialism is and why it is necessary, current events in Latin America, and more.

But it wasn’t all study, there was also lots of time for fun. After educational sessions were finished it was off to the beach to relax, swim, and enjoy the rest of the day.

“I came here to learn about Marxism,” said one camp attendee, “but I left not just with new knowledge but also with new friends and memories of an awesome weekend.”

The YCL will hold its annual Summer Camp again next year and invites youth and students to contact them for more information at

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