Friday, November 21, 2008

Action Update - November 21st/2008

Lower Mainland Action Update, November 21, 2008

In this Update:

Left Film Night: "Persepolis"
2. General Secretary Coming to B.C.?
3. Upcoming Events

Left Film Night: "Persepolis"

Our next Left Film Night will be on Sunday, Nov. 30, 7 pm, at the CSE, 706 Clark Drive, Vancouver. We're showing "Persepolis" (France/USA, 2007, directors Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi, 96 minutes)

Here's a bit about the film:

Traditionally animated in black and white flashbacks, this Oscar-nominated film tells the story of a girl’s childhood and young adulthood in Iran and in Vienna during the 1980s and ’90s. Marjane Satrapi grew up in a family of revolutionaries opposed to the Shah’s regime and then the Islamic government which took power in 1979. Persepolis literally illustrates her feelings and thoughts as a little girl, following her as fundamentalist control in Iran becomes more strict. When her parents insist she leave the country, we see her struggling to deal with adolescence and missing her beloved family; when she returns, she has to cope with the increasing repression of her freedoms as a woman. Persepolis beautifully balances both the historic and personal issues and pulls the threads together into a compelling narrative, made a bit quirky by the style of presentation, resulting in work that is altogether touching. Along with intelligence and humor, a deep and strong sense of truth infuses every part of the film.

BY THE WAY - at our Oct. 26 showing of "Incident at Restigouche", we collected $87.25 for John Graham's family. Thanks to all who donated!

2. General Secretary Coming to B.C.?

The following letter was sent on 11/20/08 to the interim Provincial Executive (BC) of the Commuist Party of Canada from the Central Executive of the YCL. Please discuss in your Club or with other local YCL members how you can help in the upcoming election campaign. If you would like Johan to visit your town please e-mail your request to


Central Executive Committee,
Young Communist League
290A Danforth Ave
Toronto ON, M4K 1N6

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Re: Request for meeting with YCL-LJC CEC


British Columbia Committee,
Communist Party of Canada
706 Clark Drive,
Vancouver, BC, V5L 3J1

Attention: George Gidora, BC Leader CPC

Dear Comrades,

Warm fraternal greetings from the Young Communist League of Canada!

We are writing to propose a meeting between our Central Executive and
your Provincial Executive Committee, about political and organization
matters that are of concern to both our organizations, and so that we
can strengthen our working relationship.

As you know, the May 16th BC provincial election will be an important
battle-ground of struggle for many youth issues. We would like to
propose that we discuss the role of the YCL in the election, including
the possibility of Johan Boyden, General Secretary of the YCL, running
as a candidate and other possible youth candidates. We would also like
to address building the YCL in BC, including YCL cadre.

We hope you will respond positively, and look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in the struggle,


CC: Johan Boyden
Shona Bracken
Marianne Breton Fontaine
Miguel Figueroa
Kimball Cariou


3. Upcoming Events

If you know of an event missing from this list, e-mail us and we can add it for next time.

Fundraising Dance of Change in El Salvador. November 22 @ 7pm. Perez Centre, 6184 Ash St.Organizer by FMLN Vancouver. Info:
778-385-5394 or 604-726-9824
BC Federation of Labour Convention. November 24-28. Vancouver Convention Centre. To volunteer distributing People's Voice call 604-254-9836
Quinteto Tiempo Concert. Benefit for Cuban hurricane relief and for communities in El Salvador. December 5 @ 7:30. Peretz Centre, 6184 Ash St. Organized by Mangle
Association of BC and VDLC Arts and Culture Committee. Tickets $30 from People’s Co-op Books.
Report from Sao Paulo. PV editor Kimball Cariou re-ports from 10th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’Parties. December 7th @ 1pm. Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Dr.
Office Open House. December 7th @ 2:30-5 pm, following the report from Sao Paulo. Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Dr.

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