Friday, September 5, 2008

Lower Mainland Action Update, September 5, 2008

Lower Mainland Action Update, September 5, 2008

In this Update:

1. Central Committee Report Back
2. New Rebel Youth!
3. Election time
4. Upcoming Events

1. Central Committee meets this weekend

The Central Committee met on August 24th in Toronto, Ontario. Attending from B.C. was YCL BC Organizer and Central YCL Organizer Stephen Von Sychowski. Also in attendance were Marianne Breton-Fontaine: LJC Organizer, Drew Bowering: CC member from Edmonton, Johan Boyden: YCL General Secretary, Katharine Carmichael: YCL member from Edmonton, David Tymoschuck: YCL Manitoba Organizer, Asad Ali: YCL Hamilton Organizer, and a number of observers from the Ontario YCL.

Comrade Katharine Carmichael was added to the CC as an alternate member and two comrades were removed for inactivity. The CC discussed the Leagues work and direction in peace, jobs, education and international solidarity - particularly Cuban solidarity.

A number of resolutions were adopted with regards to our priorities of work in these fields. These will be circulated sometime after the next Central Executive meeting. In other exciting news, we can expect a newly designed and frequently updated website in the future.

2. New Rebel Youth

The new issue of Rebel Youth has arrived and is available to be picked up from the Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Dr., and soon from the People's Co-Op Bookstore and Spartacus Books. If you don't have your copy yet, they will be distributed to members at our next Club meeting. Additionally, subscriptions can be bought for $12. To find out how, just reply to this e-mail.

3. Election time

Federal, Provincial and Civic elections are coming up over the next year and Communists in B.C. and around the country are getting ready. We have an opportunity to rid ourselves of three anti-worker governments: the Harper Tories, Campbell Liberals and Sullivan's NPA. If you are interested in running as a candidate or helping out with an election campaign please e-mail

4. Upcoming Events

If you know of an event missing from this list, e-mail us and we can add it for next time.

September 16 (Thursday), 6pm, VDLC Pizza Educational @ Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St.
September 16 (Tuesday), 7:30pm, VDLC Monthly Meeting @ Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St.
September 20 (Saturday), 7pm, Chilean Independence Day @
Peretz Centre, 6184 Ash St
September 20, 21 (Saturday, Sunday), Changing Militarism Conference hosted by Women's International League for Peace and Justice, SFU Women's Studies and Vancouver Status of Women. For more info e-mail
September 21 (Sunday), COPE Policy Conference, TBA
September 23 (Tuesday), VDLC Workers Cabaret @ The End Cafe, Commercial Dr.
September 26 (Friday), 7pm, People's Co-Op Bookstore AGM @ People's Co-Op Bookstore

October 4-5 (Saturday-Sunday), "More Power to you" Conference on public power. Details:

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