Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lower Mainland Action Update, July 24, 2008

Lower Mainland Action Update, July 24, 2008

In this Update:

1. YCL BC Summer Camp
2. Moncada Day
3. Upcoming Events

1. YCL BC Summer Camp 2008

The 2008 YCL BC Summer Camp is August 2nd, 3rd and 4th and YOU are invited. The theme of this year’s camp is “Reform and Revolution”. It will include a theoretical class and debate as well as a workshop on the application of the Marxist-Leninist theory of reform and revolution to the current struggles of young workers and students. It will also include a workshop in revolutionary music.

Registration for the 2008 Summer Camp is now closed. Late registrants should e-mail to see if rides are available from their area. Late registrants are still required to pay the $20 registration fee. Fees may be paid upon arrival at the camp and do not need to be mailed in ahead of time.

WHEN: August 2nd-4th
WHERE: Missezula Lake, near Merritt
WHO: ALL YCL members. Guests are welcome but please notify us ahead of time.


- Tent

- Sleeping bag/pillow

- Any personal amenities you may need

- Swim suit/towel

- A notepad and pen

- Bug repellant

- Sun screen

- Musical instrument if you play one

- Any games, or anything you wish to bring along for use in the evenings/free time

- A pair of good shoes as we will be in good hiking territory

- Any extra snacks or drinks you wish to bring in addition to the meals provided. No alcoholic beverages will be provided

- If your club has its own banner, bring it along, we will hang it in our camp site!

2. Moncada Day

Please forward widely....

The Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association invites you to its annual


2:00 pm, Sunday, July 27

at the Chilean Co-op, 3390 School Avenue, Vancouver
(near Kingsway and Tyne)

Special Guests: Son Rebelde, Tom Hawken

Dinner $10 (children under 14 - $5)

Rain or Shine! Bring your own lawn chair.

3.Upcoming Events

If you know of an event missing from this list, e-mail us and we can add it for next time.

July 25 (Friday), 7 pm, Left Film Night “683 Ways to Kill Castro”@ Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Drive
July 25 (Friday), 7pm, Cafe Rebelde "Building the Political Platform of the FMLN" @ Rhizome Cafe, 317 E. Broadway
July 27 (Sunday), 2pm, Moncada Day event @ Chilean Co-Op, 3390 School Ave. for info call CCFA-Vancouver, 604-254-1350
July 30 (Wednesday), 5pm, Rally to Bring Omar Kadhr Back to Canada! @ Vancouver Art Gallery
August 2-4 (Saturday-Monday), YCL BC Summer Camp 2008 @ Missezula Lake
August 3 (Sunday), Vancouver Pride Parade, distribution of CPC/YCL statement, for details call Jane, 604-876-4123
August 6 (Wednesday), Hiroshima Day Lantern Ceremony, TBA
August 7 (Thursday), VDLC Young Workers Committee "Organizing for the Unorganized" Forum @ Location TBA
August 10 (Sunday), Noon, Under the Volcano Festival @ Cates Park, North Vancouver. Volunteers needed for CPC/People's Voice/YCL table (Noon-6 pm)
September 16 (Thursday), 6pm, VDLC Pizza Educational @ Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St.
September 16, 7:30pm, VDLC Monthly Meeting @ Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St.
October 4 (Saturday), Rock for a Living Wage - VDLC Young Workers @ TBA Featuring: The Rebel Spell, Resist the Right, Legally Blind, one more band TBA\
October 4-5 (Saturday-Sunday), "More Power to you" Conference on public power. Details:

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