Friday, May 2, 2008

Lower Mainland Action Update, May 2, 2008

Lower Mainland Action Update, May 2, 2008

In this Update:

1. Next Discussion Group
2. Left Film Night on Facebook
3. Upcoming Events

1. Next Discussion Group

Our discussion group on Monday was a success, we discussed topics such as local and world economics, the economic crisis of capitalism vs. the economies of socialist countries and those moving towards socialism. We did not begin discussion of the Activists Guide to Political Economy because the copies of the book were delayed in the mail. As a result, we will continue with that topic at our upcoming discussion group.

The reading will be "Activist's Guide to Political Economy" by our own comrade Jason Mann. Copies are on order currently and should be available soon. This will likely take a couple of discussion groups to get through, so start thinking about what you want to see us move on to next!

Once again, the discussion groups are open to all members of the Young Communist League, the Communist Party and guests who are genuinely interested in learning more about Communist philosophy, theory and practice and getting involved. They are a place for open discussion and debate where your thoughts can be heard and your questions can be answered. After the discussion group, those in attendance will decide what the next month’s topic will be.

Learn to Struggle, Struggle to Learn!

WHAT: YCL Discussion Group
WHEN: Monday, May 12th @ 7pm
Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Dr.
ORGANIZED: by Red Star Club, YCL

2. Left Film Night on Facebook

A Left Film Night group has been formed on Facebook. It can be found by searching "Left Film Night - Vancouver" on Facebook under groups. If you use Facebook, join up to get updates and info about upcoming Film Nights and the films shown at them.

3. Upcoming Events

If you know of an event missing from this list, e-mail us and we can add it for next time.

May 3 (Saturday), 1-2pm, Stand for Affordable Housing @ Nanaimo & Hastings, Commercial & 1st, 33rd & Main AND King Edward & Main
May 4 (Sunday), 4:30pm, Don't Drink with Apartheid Picket @ Four Seasons Hotel (W. Georgia & Howe)
May 6 (Tuesday), 7pm, CUP-W Forum on the Future of the Canadian Postal Service @ Vancouver Public Library
May 8 (Saturday), 5pm, Frank Paul Memorial Demo @ 377 E. Hastings
May 8 (Saturday), 7pm, VDLC Young Workers Committee Meeting @ Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St.
May 10 (Saturday), 1pm, Walk for Palestine @ Clark Park (14th & Commercial) to Granview. Wear Black.
May 11 (Sunday), 10-1, Burnaby CPC Club Mothers Day Pancake Breakfast (fundraiser for People's Voice). Info : 604-255-2041
May 11 (Sunday), 12:30pm, Grassroots Women Mothers Day March @ McSpadden Park (5th & Victoria).
May 11 (Sunday), 4pm, Anti-Olympics Meeting @ Centre for Socialist Education, 706 Clark Dr.
May 14 (Wednesday), 5:30pm, Van East CPC People's Voice distribution at ILWU 500 Meeting @ Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St.
May 15 (Thursday), 7pm, FMLN Concert @ Peretz Centre, $25
May 15 (Thursday), 7pm, VDLC Worker's Cafe @ The End Cafe (Commercial & Grandview)

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